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drug rehab knoxville tn We offer medically assisted, non-narcotic therapy to reduce cravings. Our program boast a 93% success rate without the need for detox, or leave of work for most clients. Our program treats the issue of addiction like a medical disease utilizing a combination of counseling, medicine, and nutritional therapy.


 We employ alternative approaches to dealing with chronic pain such as utilizing non-narcotic painkillers, pain cream and massage therapy. We also offer therapy sessions that help reduce psychosomatic pain, as well as reduce muscle tension through mindfulness and stress reduction counseling.


wellness center knoxville Addressing mental health as a combination of physiological and physical factors optimizes the client’s chance for placing the issue into permanent remission. Our treatment program combines medication, counseling, and nutritional therapy for optimal results.


wellness center knoxville Weight management is a matter of neurological reprogramming, and wellness counseling to change the mind’s belief about eating and the body’s reaction to food. Through a holistic treatment program, we control the amount of food the body desires while increasing your metabolism.


Home Detox with the BRIDGE

The BRIDGE is FDA cleared, applied in a simple 15 minute procedure and worn for 5 days, outpatient, at home. The BRIDGE is a safe and effective treatment to reduce or eliminate pain with no narcotics and little or no side effects. Contact us for more details.

A Client Driven Model – No Judgment, No Fear, No Failure

Our Wellness Center in Knoxville has a strict policy to help people where they are regardless of their situation or beliefs. Unlike most traditional treatment centers who feel confrontation and oversight is the key, we believe the client should be motivated and engaged with kindness and compassion. Check out our podcast that explains more.

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