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The Goodman Center is proud to introduce a free weekly public supplementary support group. These of group meetings are open to the public or anyone needing extra support or information.
Group format: about 30 minute psychoeducational portion followed by approximately 30 minutes of discussion.
This is not an AA meeting, but can be used in congruence with addiction support or for others without addiction issues.
Meeting time: Every Tuesday evening at 7 pm at The Goodman Center- 116 Concord Rd. Knoxville TN 37934
Questions: Email us at or call the office at 865-888-4100.

Public Group Meeting Topics
May 17- Mindfulness- Mindfulness techniques and the importance
May 24- Boundaries: Identify and setting healthy boundaries to make improvements to your life
May 31- Healthy relationships: How do we define them, and how to mend them
June 7 – Shame vs. Guilt: How are they defined, and what can we do to heal
June 14- Family dynamics: What role did you play in your family?
June 21- Forgiving yourself: How can we let go of the past?
June 28- Establishing a support system: Where can you find the support you need?
July 5- Understanding that addiction is a relationship: Treating the psychological and the physical
July 12- Insomnia: A step by step approach to increasing restful sleep
July 19- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: What is it, and what skills you can practice at home
July 26- Defining Success- Setting and tracking recovery goals

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