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Megan Kelly mentions Sinclair Method

Addiction experts discuss various treatments for alcohol use disorder #SundayNight pic.twitter.com/ehWtdUhRb3 — Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) 24 July 2017

WVLT Ch 8 Pain-free Detox Device Now Available in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — Battling drug addiction in East Tennessee is difficult, but the process of ending drug use can be even worse. The process is commonly known as detox, and for some people, the symptoms of detox are scary. Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis explored a Knoxville clinic that is trying to help people

knoxville anxiety

Goodman Center Podcast

Everyone has worries, but for some, it can become crippling. It seems more and more children are battling anxiety as well. Two medical professionals join us to talk about anxiety.

Is Video Game Addiction Real?

  Now that school has started and the days appear shorter, many parents have expressed concerns about the amount of time their kids have spent playing video games during the summer. Will these longs hours spent staying out of the heat and playing online games with their friends translate to lost study time during the

Losing Weight from the Inside Out

    Now that we are in the middle of summer, we are more aware of our bodies than ever.  Or would it be more appropriate to say that we are more aware of what we want our bodies to look like more than ever?  If you are like most Americans, you struggle with managing

Whitney Kent Interview Part 2 – Weight Management


How Science Impacts Mental Health

  Science is striving to remove the stigma-like label of soft science from therapy as knowledge and understanding of the brain continues to progress.  Neuroscience, the study of the brain, has caused a shift in thinking among counselors. Research now shows that a client’s brain chemistry must be altered in order for therapy to be

Whitney Kent Interview

We were featured on the Everday Solutions show with Whitney Kent  

The Goodman Center PSA (Stop Addiction)

The following Public Service Announcement (PSA) from WVLT shares some startling national trends for addiction in the United States. Unfortunately, the trends are no better locally in East Tennessee. At the Goodman Center, we can assist you by providing optimal treatment for a “return to normalcy”.

Why Aren’t Physicians Approaching Alcohol Use Disorder Like a Medical Disease?

Addiction is a complex disorder and, unless one specializes in it, they typically aren’t aware of current medical breakthroughs. There are several theories about how to approach alcohol use disorder. Harm Reduction, SMART Recovery®, and Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, all are approaches that use different techniques and philosophies. These three groups encompass the majority of thought about

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