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At The Goodman Center, science leads the way for optimal treatment. We define successful treatment as a “return to normalcy.” Our goal is to help define your desired goals, and achieve them whether it is addiction, pain management, mental health or weight management. We also emphasize the importance of treating the client rather than the disorder. Scientific research indicates that there are many facets to wellness including psychological, nutritional, and physical healing that are required for optimal outcomes. Below are some of the services we employ in order to help you achieve optimal results.

Mental Health – Safe, Reliable, Professional Therapy from a Harm Reduction Approach

Our therapists are trained in the most advanced and cutting edge techniques utilizing a client – driven model of success. This means YOU set the criteria for success. No shaming, no conflict, and no pressure to change those things in your life you do not want to change. At The Goodman Center, you decide what is important for you to change. Our approach creates an open atmosphere of honest engagement and informed client consent. This means not only are you the center of your treatment plan, but you decide what your treatment should be.

We offer individual and group therapy sessions as treatment modalities to optimize the client’s quality of life and help them overcome problems. We use the most advanced evidence based treatment such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Moderation Control Techniques, and Harm Reduction.


Primary Care

For those patients without a Primary Care Physician (PCP), we can serve as your primary care doctor and provide  treatment for the most common conditions.


Drug & Alcohol Treatment Overview

The Sinclair Method for Alcoholism

The Sinclair Method, founded by Dr. David Sinclair, has over 30 years of scientific studies backing the validity of its success. The Sinclair Method boasts a near 80% success rate for turning individuals suffering from alcoholism into normal drinkers utilizing an FDA approved opiate antagonist, Naltrexone. Naltrexone changes the opioid system in the client’s brain. This change significantly reduces the desire to drink,  and overall drinks per session. Nearly 80% of those who use the Sinclair Method typically gain control over their drinking in a 3 to 6 month time frame.

Medication Assisted Recovery (MAT)

We offer medically assisted, non-narcotic pharmaceutical therapy to reduce cravings and treat addictions. This allows the client to recover more effectively. There is a multitude of pharmaceuticals available today that increase the chance of recovery. We have a vast knowledge of the inner workings of these medications, and whether it is safe for you to use.

Sleep Disorder Assistance

Sleep is one of the biggest factors of success when treating an alcohol or drug addiction. One study found an astounding 65% of individuals struggling with alcohol have some sort of sleep disorder. Additionally, it was found of those who relapsed within 6 months, the rate of relapse was 50% higher for those who had a sleep disorder than those who did not. Do you find yourself having to drink yourself to sleep at night? This is extremely common. Once the alcohol is removed or reduced, one must then find new ways to sleep or risk relapse. Virtually no other treatment facility in the country stresses this important factor in client care for addiction.

Nutritional Treatment

People that are suffering from nutritional deficiencies usually lack specific vitamins and minerals such as the vitamin B family, vitamin K, vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium. Specific amino acids and tryptophan are also usually low. Without correcting for this malnourishment, the client is at higher risk for unsuccessful treatment. We address this issue from day one. Nutritional therapy is an essential ingredient as it directly relates to sleep performance, anxiety, and depression issues.

Massage Therapy

We employ massage therapy for dealing with some chronic pain and mental health disorders by providing treatments tailored to address your specific needs.


Social Support Network

One of the biggest drivers of alcohol and drug addiction is a lack of human connection. Loneliness drives more alcoholics to binge more than any other factor. Helping one establish a support network in a community is one of the biggest goals at The Goodman Center. Whether it is at a local church, an online group that meets regularly, or a sporting club, these touches of social support will be the biggest determining factor of success. We help the client build confidence in establishing community, building better relationships, and addressing current dysfunction either at home or at work. One of the biggest successes upon treatment completion is the establishment of new friends.

Pain Management

We employ alternative approaches to dealing with chronic pain such as utilizing non-narcotic painkillers and topical pain cream. We also offer therapy sessions that help reduce psychosomatic pain, as well as reduce muscle tension through mindfulness and stress reduction counseling.


Weight Management

Weight management is a matter of neurological reprogramming and wellness counseling to change the mind’s belief about eating and the body’s reaction to food. Through a holistic treatment program, we control the amount of food the body desires while increasing your metabolism.


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