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We are an integrated clinic offering both a traditional medical practice as well as behavioral health and addiction treatment. We know that medical problems, mental health issues and addictions can end up ruling your life. Sometimes these issues become so big that there seems like there is no way out. WE KNOW what it’s like to dread the sunrise because it marks the beginning of a new day of worry, compulsion, avoidance, and feeling like you will never be “normal”. WE KNOW because many of our staff have been there. WE KNOW that feeling of being alone, like there is no hope, no way out. The good news is WE KNOW there is hope, support, treatment, and recovery. WE KNOW what it’s like look forward to that same sunrise we used to dread.

Give us a call at 865-888-4100 and let us help you find the peace in the beautiful sunrise and enjoy the day!


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The Goodman Center understands that not everyone needs an inpatient detox or lengthy inpatient treatment program. Our services are designed and delivered on an outpatient basis allowing you to continue working as well as take care of life’s business. From assessment, counseling, The Bridge Device, to a customized program, The Goodman Center has an option that is right for you.


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Addressing mental health as a combination of physiological and physical factors optimizes the client’s chance for placing the issue into permanent remission. Our treatment program combines medication, counseling, and nutritional therapy for optimal results.

Integrated Health

What is Integrated Health Care? Integrated Care has been a buzz word in the healthcare industry for some time now. Integrated Care is the concept of bringing together the management and organization of services in relation to a diagnosis, treatment, and care of not only physical health but also mental health and social services. What does this mean for you? Simply put, quality health care from providers you can count on.


Home Detox with the BRIDGE

The BRIDGE is FDA cleared, applied in a simple 15 minute procedure and worn for 5 days, outpatient, at home. The BRIDGE is a safe and effective treatment to reduce or eliminate pain with no narcotics and little or no side effects. Contact us for more details.

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A Client Driven Model – No Judgment, No Fear, No Failure

Our Wellness Center in Knoxville has a strict policy to help people where they are regardless of their situation or beliefs. Unlike most traditional treatment centers who feel confrontation and oversight is the key, we believe the client should be motivated and engaged with kindness and compassion.

The Goodman Center

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Knoxville woman credits specific treatment for opioid sobriety

This Bridge device is remarkable in dealing with the pain!

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Our booth at Knoxville's Fall Psychiatric Symposium last week. Turnout was great as were the speakers. Did I mention we are hiring?

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7 tips to keep your brain as sharp as your body

Science shows that our brain is the most modifiable part of our body and easiest to strengthen, more than our heart or teeth.

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High cholesterol in late life may mean better brain health

"Having cholesterol higher than it was in midlife was linked to lower risk of marked cognitive decline in those aged 85–94, compared with those aged 75–84."

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7 Ways To Stop Work Ruining Your Wellbeing

7 Ways To Stop Work Ruining Your Wellbeing

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Immune System Maintains Brain Health

Once thought only to attack neurons, immune cells turn out to be vital for central nervous system function

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