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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) — A facility right here in East Tennessee doesn’t use narcotics to break addiction. They’re using a combination of different therapies to change the way the brain responds.

“You’re trading one major addiction for a smaller addiction,” said Lewis Frazier, CEO of the Goodman Center.

Suboxone is a drug that helps break addictions, but it can also become an addiction, itself.

“They’re not helping our problem,” said Robbie Goins, Sheriff at the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. “They’re prolonging these people. It’s false hope for people to live on suboxone. It just becomes another addiction.”

 The Goodman Center in Knoxville is changing the way we treat addiction.

“I was adamant from the first day that we wanted this to be a non-narcotic facility,” said Frazier.

When the brain is constantly exposed to narcotics, it releases endorphins. Those chasing the original euphoric feeling end up addicts.

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