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Now that we are in the middle of summer, we are more aware of our bodies than ever.  Or would it be more appropriate to say that we are more aware of what we want our bodies to look like more than ever?  If you are like most Americans, you struggle with managing a healthy weight.  There are multiple factors that contribute to the unwanted weight gain in Americans.  Some of these factors include lifestyle, medications taken, sleep, and the body’s ability to lose weight.  

Here at The Goodman Center, LLC, we are tackling all of these factors and more in efforts to help our clients enjoy their bodies not just in the summer time, but all year round.  One of the ways that we are doing this is by making sure that the body has everything that it needs to lose weight.  We understand that nothing is more frustrating than reducing calories and working out, yet still not seeing results.  It is really easy to think ‘What’s the point?  I’m working so hard, and getting nowhere.’  One of the reasons that this may be happening is due to the bodies’ insulin or GLP. When someone is trying to lose weight, they need to make sure that their A1C is within a healthy range.  A1C is a term used to refer to someone’s glycated hemoglobin.  Most people mistake this as something that should only be checked out if you have diabetes; however, A1C plays a big role in weight loss by regulating the bodies’ sugar level.

In addition to treating someone’s A1C, their GLP-1 must also be addressed.  GLP-1 stands for glucagon like peptide-1.  These peptides exist in the gut and help with the absorption of food.  A standard procedure that we use is blocking the GLP-1 to increase the guts efficiency.  This change in the gut allows for all of the efforts you are making in your diet to be more effective.  

While this simple process may sound like it is an exclusive treatment for diabetics, believe me, when I tell you that it is not.  If you are struggling with weight management, and dismiss our methods, then you will be missing out on a very successful program.  Perhaps our biggest success story is a gentleman who weighs 435 lbs. and now weighs 215 by using our program.  Our program is so successful because it makes sure the body is able to lose weight by working from the inside out.  Consider this like building a strong foundation for a house.  You wouldn’t want to start putting forth any effort to build a house if you didn’t know that you had a strong foundation to build upon.  Our weight management program is the same way.  Do not put forth any effort until you know that your body is ready from the inside out.

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