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Painkiller Addiction Recovery Knoxville TN

Once addicted to heroin or painkillers, stopping can be daunting. A body that has become used to regular infusions of a drug will start producing a cascade of physical symptoms if it is denied that drug.

Many people who try to quit using the drugs start using again within a few hours if only to ease the pain. Here at the Goodman Center, we now have the BRIDGE Home Detox Program. We implant it behind your ear and the device sends signals to your brain to alleviate the pain. Most of the patients leave the clinic totally free from the pain of opioid withdrawal. The BRIDGE is a safe and effective treatment to reduce or eliminate pain with no narcotics and little or no side effects.

A little larger than a half dollar, the Bridge fits behind the ear and sends electrical feedback to the brain, blocking the pain signals that are associated with withdrawal of opiates during detox. It is worn for five days, long enough to make it through withdrawal, before turning to long-term assistance to stay sober, such as counseling and medication-assisted treatment such as Vivitrol.

The cost of our Home Detox Program is $1,800 for most patients and is not currently covered by insurance. However, don’t delay effective treatment that may save your life because of lack of funds. The Goodman Center is proud to assist potential clients the financing they need to get treatment ASAP. Remember that you are investing in your health! Nothing is more important in life than your life.


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