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The Goodman Center PSA (Stop Addiction)

The following Public Service Announcement (PSA) from WVLT shares some startling national trends for addiction in the United States. Unfortunately, the trends are no better locally in East Tennessee. At the Goodman Center, we can assist you by providing optimal treatment for a “return to normalcy”.

Substance Abuse/Detox

Why Aren’t Physicians Approaching Alcohol Use Disorder Like a Medical Disease?

Addiction is a complex disorder and, unless one specializes in it, they typically aren’t aware of current medical breakthroughs. There are several theories about how to approach alcohol use disorder. Harm Reduction, SMART Recovery®, and Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, all are approaches that use different techniques and philosophies. These three groups encompass the majority of thought about

Recovering from Relapse

Probably the two largest focuses in addiction treatment are abstinence religious rituals such as the 12 steps, celebrate recovery, and Naracon (the Scientology version of treatment) and relapse prevention. Those who try to be more scientific try to engage in discussions about relapse prevention but even with all this, the vast majority of people who

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