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The Five Recommendations

The Goodman Approach™ is a scientific based model of treatment. It is created from years of scientific research which drives the Five Recommendations™, our treatment program for alcoholism and addiction. We have now branched out and found success using these same recommendations for pain management, mental health and weight management.The Five Recommendations™ are:

1. Comprehensive Care

2. Pharmaceutical Assistance

3. Evidence Based Wellness Counseling

4. Professional Coaching

5. Social Support

A Client Driven Model – No Judgment, No Fear, No Failure

Our Knoxville Drug Rehab Center follows a strict policy to accommodate people where they are at regardless of what their beliefs are or situation is. Unlike most addiction treatment centers who think oversight and confrontation is the key, we strongly believe the client should be engaged and motivated with compassion and kindness. Listen to our podcast that elaborates more.

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We Are The First Choice For Knoxville Drug Rehab Center


drug rehab knoxville tn We offer a therapy that is non-narcotic and medically to limit the client’s cravings. We have achieved a 93% success rate through our program without needing to implement a detox, or the need to take leave of absence from work for most our patients. Our center treats the issue of addiction like it is a medical disease applying a combination of medicine, counseling, and nutritional therapy.


 We employ alternative approaches to dealing with chronic pain such as utilizing non-narcotic painkillers, pain cream and massage therapy. We also offer therapy sessions that help reduce psychosomatic pain, as well as reduce muscle tension through mindfulness and stress reduction counseling.


wellness center knoxville Through the use of counseling, medication, and nutritional therapy our treatment program addresses mental health through a combination of physiological and physical strategies. This gives the client the chance for making sure the issue goes into permanent remission.


wellness center knoxville Weight management is a matter of neurological reprogramming, and wellness counseling to change the mind’s belief about eating and the body’s reaction to food. We setup a holistic treatment program, that controls the amount of food the body desires and at the same time increasing your metabolism.


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