Substance Abuse/Detox

Substance Abuse/DetoxAt the Goodman Center we know how devastating substance abuse and addiction can be.  We know what it’s like to start everyday worrying about the next fix, where the money is going to come from, what you did last night, and the need to just get enough of the drug to not be sick.  Everyone knows about the Opiate epidemic; some better (or worse) than others. We don’t judge how or why someone is addicted. The truth is that some of our staff have experience with addiction. More importantly, we have experience with Recovery.  It is this experience that led us to design programs to help those addicted to finally overcome the battle with drug addiction. We provide services from assessment and counseling to medication assisted treatment and outpatient detox.

Unlike most Suboxone Clinics, The Goodman Center’s Outpatient Program is dedicated to helping ourpatients end the cycle of addiction as well as the continued use of medications like Suboxone.  Combined with personal experience and professionalism,  our staff at The Goodman Center assists patients on their journey toward recovery.

The Bridge device is an amazing technological breakthrough in the treatment of opiate addiction. The Bridge device resembles a small hearing aid that is worn for five days and eliminates much of the pain and discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal. The BRIDGE device allows people to continue their day-to-day activities and detox relatively pain free on an outpatient basis. The Goodman Center is currently the exclusive provider in the state of Tennessee to offer The BRIDGE device. 

Vivitrol is a medication that has proven to be very effective in the treatment and recovery of Opiate addiction.  Vivitrol is administered once a month and serves to reduce compulsion/craving a s well as block the effects of Opiates. This non-narcotic medication has helped thousands of former opiate addic ts find the recovery that had previously eluded them.  The Goodman Center is a preferred site for Vivitrol and counseling.





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