Below are a few testimonials from clients that are succeeding in recovery.

Alcohol has always been my drug of choice. I have never used a street or illegal drug. Having begun drinking at age 20, it was social and casual in nature.

Over time the drinking progressed from social, to alcohol abuse, then to alcoholism. When I recognized I was becoming dependent, I sought help in numerous in- patient treatment centers based on 12 step programs. Those treatment centers failed and I realized that I needed an alternative.

I found that alternative at The Goodman Center. Now, I have a team of professionals; a physician, nurse practitioner, nurses, counselors and an office staff individually and collectively working intensely on not only my addiction, but my physical health as well. They care about ME and I consider them part of my extended family!

Anonymous, Knoxville, TN

I have to tell you again how grateful (and amazed) I am about the quality of care I have received from every staff member I have encountered at your Center. The compassionate support I find there is priceless in itself. But you give me another gift as well: I always leave your office having learned something new and “spot-on” useful about a better way to understand, achieve and maintain my best physical and mental well-being. Whether I am there for medical or behavioral health, after each visit, I am able to take your instruction home with me and use it to improve my day to day life. Which is exactly what I have been needing, and (frankly, desperately) searching for, as I ran through so many other healthcare providers, with such disappointing results, following the onset of the adverse statin reaction early last year. Thank you for being the rare providers whose knowledge and approach to patient care is, for me, truly effective. As a group of healthcare professionals, you are a blessing to me and I am grateful to you for that.

Anonymous, Knoxville, TN

“I came here to receive the BRIDGE device. If you are genuinely ready to rid your life of opiates and be treated for your chronic pain with non-narcotic medications then you’ll love this place. The whole staff of TGC saved my life, and continue to be constant cheerleaders in my new sobriety! They treat me both physically, emotionally and mentally! Thank you to the whole staff!”

Anonymous, Knoxville, TN

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