Vivitrol Knoxville

Vivitrol Knoxville

Millions of people need addiction treatments but they are reluctant to get help. As the science of addiction medicine evolves, physicians have started using new drugs in revolutionary ways that are shifting how we think and treat drug addiction.  Although, medication is not a magical treatment for addiction, Vivitrol is an ideal treatment for alcoholics and opiate addicts who are looking to achieve lifelong sobriety.

What Is Vivitrol and How It Works

Vivitrol is an extended-release injectable version of the opiate blocker (naltrexone). This injection is given to the patient once a month.  It is known as an opiate antagonist, which means that it works by blocking the receptor sites in the brain that would generally be affected by alcohol or opiates. Vivitrol prevents heroin users from getting high.

Top Benefits of Using Vivitrol Treatment for Drug Addiction

  • For the patients who have not been heavily addicted for more than 12 months and the brain have not yet radically changed by drug abuse, then Vivitrol is a perfect medication to use in early recovery.
  • Vivitrol has no mind-altering effects and it is non-addictive. Unlike other medications that are used for opiate addiction, such as buprenorphine and methadone, Vivitrol has no street value and has little potential for abuse.
  • Vivitrol is appealing for those who work in jobs with frequent travel, such as flight attendants, business consultants, pilots, because it is a safe method of treatment with minimal side effects that does not require daily dosing.
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